"Execution - Everything Else Is Just Talk"

Execution Ebook

We have helped companies with programs targeted at helping them improve execution throughout the Client Life Cycle. This includes planning and Territory and Opportunity management, prospecting, effe​​​​ctive sales calls and winning clients. Leveraging the core components of Objective Bases Selling, we help sales professionals engage more buyers, while helping those buyers navigate their buying journey with greater results for all parties involved.

The challenge with training adult sales professionals is not in the content or sales techniques taught, but ensuring those skills and best practices you introduce are actually put into practice, that is a change in their daily behaviors and routines. Adoption is key, and ensuring adoption comes down to reinforcement and support. Renbor's 3D Professional Development Model is a proven means of delivering the sustainable behavioral change required to deliver consistent execution and revenue growth.

For many sales organizations their sales process is their last and most significant and key differentiator. Ensuring that you not only have the right sales process, but that it continues to evolve with your buyer's buying process is a major challenge we are helping sales organizations address. From design, to metrics and to implementation, everything your team needs to have in place to consistently and successfully execute their sale.

In a diverse economy, successful sales people and organizations continue to expand their tool kit and integrate best practices from all sources. Our Proactive Prospecting Program is a complete approach to identifying and engaging more buyers leading to more prospects, healthier pipelines and revenues. By incorporating traditional prospecting, with social selling practices, with core elements of the Objective Based Selling methodology, our clients regularly see increases in engagement of 20% or more.