Now Is The Time To Get Ahead Of Then

By Tibor Shanto

With the end of the year in site, only six shopping Saturdays till Xmas, we sometimes face hard choices as to where to put our efforts.  Put everything we have in closing and renewing what’s here and now; or ensure that I am well set for the next quarter, or year.  Unfortunately, and often for all the wrong reasons, including guidance from a manager, the former wins out.  For professional sales people, this is business as usual, but it is that more pronounced, and much more at stake, at the end of the year.  Knowing this, we should always be looking at our time not in a linear way, now or then, but in a compartmental or sectioned way. Each section, focused on core activities, based on the here and now. This allows the calendar to be used to drive daily activities, not as cause for crisis 12 or four times a year.

You can start by looking at, and spending your time in an additional way

Time As Metric

As a sales professional, you need to not just know your numbers, but own them.  While many people know some of their metrics, they haven’t connected those metrics with their time.  By tracking and owning three basic metrics, you can rule your time and success:

  1. Initial Contact to Discovery – the number of people who take an initial appointment with you, and at the end of that initial meeting (face to face or virtual), they are willing to continue to Discovery.
  2. Discovery to Proposal – simple, for every 10 people that go into to Discovery, how many take a proposal, a real proposal? By real I mean not spaghetti proposals, I know you may at times have to produce something for the cycle to continue, no guilt, just don’t count them.  Only count proposals that you felt were merited and warranted by your standards.
  3. Proposal to Close – another simple one. Ten real proposals, how many close, signed sealed and delivered.

Grab Your Activity Calculator

If you know and own the above, you will be ahead of the rest.  By own, I mean actively manage, know which of these you want to improve at any given time, and what specific activities are involved.  To get you started you can download our Activity Calculator, and get a snapshot of how many opportunities you will need in each of the above three areas, and what impact changing each activity will have on number of things you need to work on at any given time.

This allows you to use your calendar to get ahead of “Then” now.  For example, at the end of the year, your conversion ratios may vary based on what you need to get down.  But by knowing that you also need to add a specific number of new opportunities to your pipeline, as the Calculator tells you, you can carve out time for that activity well in advance. This changes the relationship with the calendar to that of helping maximize efforts and time, not just deliver deadlines.

Even when the amount of time that you spend on this activity may need to come down at certain times of the year, your new look at time ensures that you will at a minimum, do enough today, to get ahead of “Then”.

Don’t Give Your Pipeline an Unwanted New Year’s Holiday

If you want to learn more above the above and other things you can do to maximize your actives, at the end of the year and – throughout the year, join me today at 1:00 PM ET, when I, along with the good folks at, present a timely webinar:

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