Success in any development or training initiative is built on two key building blocks:

  1. Objective Based Selling – A solid sales framework and proven methodology
  2. 3D Development Model – A field tested approach to driving adoption that leads to sustained behavioral change and consistently improving results

We bring a proven track record in integrating these core building block to deliver a platform for B2B sales development and success.  Objective Based Selling framework allows you to develop the skills needed to successfully execute critical steps in the sales cycle, from Proactive Prospecting, to successful and methodical Discovery; Territory and Opportunity Management and Process development and execution.  Objective Based Coaching provides your front-line managers, with the tools, process and means to lead their teams to success, rather than manage from behind a desk.  Objective Based Coaching enables managers to perpetuate the training and development, sustain improvements and improve execution and results. 

Objective Based Selling

Objective Based Selling is a framework designed to enable salespeople to take a systematic and repeatable approach to sell more – to more people!  Objective Based Selling can, and has been used alongside other methods, and in almost all B2B selling environments, transactional to complex.  The framework works from the ground up, built on an actionable understanding of value that allows the seller to put the buyer at the center of the process.  Objective Based Selling scales with your market, evolving with your buyers and market, enabling your sales team to engage with, and win as markets and buyer preferences change without having to reinvent their approach at each turn. >>>

3D Development Model

Success in professional development is built on two key factors, the content of the training, including specific sales methodologies and processes; and the methodology for delivering the training in a way that allows the content to be adopted and will lead to real and sustainable behavioral change that transforms the organization and drives measurable results.

There is a lot of great content, sales methodologies, and processes out there, yet all too often the expected change in behavior and execution does not follow, and neither does the return on your training investment. This is because they are not supported by a learning methodology and process that not only ensures adoption and results, but accountability for the outcomes – the change you really want.  The 3D Development Model ensures support for newly learned skills and methodologies, and deliver more results, sustain over a longer period.  >>>

Proactive Prospecting

While it is true that nothing happens until there is a sale, there are no sales without prospects.   Regardless of how you sell, if you are engaged in outbound prospecting, inside sales, Sales Development, or a sales professional executing the cycle A – Z, prospecting is crucial to your success.  Our proactive Prospecting Program has been tested and proven to deliver more pipeline in a range of B2B sales environments.  The program is focused on and delivers more right person conversations, and more of those conversations converting to opportunities and pipeline.  We give you more at bats, and improve your batting average to deliver a compounded improvement. >>>

Objective Based Discovery

The Objective Seller enables you to apply the Objective Based Selling framework to your Discovery interactions with your prospect, helping them uncover, understand, quantify and act on delivering value to their business.  Based on an actionable definition of value that extends from your Proactive Prospecting in to the discovery phase and beyond.  The Objective Seller deliver a clear and actionable means of engaging and guiding a sales conversation to deliver mutual benefit and results. >>>

Objective Based Coaching 

The Execution Based Coaching program is an activity and process based approach to managing and coaching sales success and continuous improvement process. By focusing on the execution of the organization’s standardized sales process, Managers are able to deliver objective coaching, taking subjectivity and personalities out of the mix. This then drives mutual accountability and a focus on high value activities and results. >>>

Sales Process – Development & Implementation

Territory and Opportunity Management

A successful sales process allows you to align with the buyer’s buying process, and there by drive results for them, your company and the rep.  In order to have your process adhered to and consistently executed by your team, your process needs to have two attributes:

It needs to be dynamic and evolve with your markets

It needs to facilitate you buyer’s buying or decision-making process

Supported by metrics, a defined and adhered to sales process not only facilitates execution using specific work-flow and action items, but is a key element in development and recruitment of sales teams. >>>

Follow-Through Action Plan

The Follow-Through Action Plan is specifically designed to reinforce and enhance the concepts, skills and processes taught in our programs, and coach workshop participants in adoption, consistent application, and deliver the sustained behavior changes which drive results and success. >>>